5A Realty Sdn Bhd Privacy Policy

5A Realty Sdn Bhd Privacy Policy


As respondents submit their response to our ads, sales and marketing activities, 5A Realty Sdn Bhd shall invariably collect their personal data for the sole purpose of further communication with the respondents.


5A Realty Sdn Bhd may process the following standard personal data from respondents:  

a. Name

b.      Mobile telephone numbers.

c.     Email.

d.     Any other optional data / information that respondents submit.


5A Realty Sdn Bhd may use the processed data for the following action :

a.     Replies to respondent’s queries.

b.     Send additional marketing communications/ company newsletters to respondents.

c.     Send our promotional packages to respondents.

d.     Submit the processed data to our associates and property developers for contractual documentation in the process of closing a transaction.


5A Realty Sdn Bhd shall not disclose any processed data to other parties.


You may contact us regarding our privacy policy statement using our contact details in the “Contact us” tab




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